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  • feast of the seven fishes

    A Christmas Eve Rhode Island Tradition

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Sketch of the Hotel Viking exterior.
Dining place setting

Feast of the Seven Fishes

Date and TimeDecember 24th, 6PM
LocationOne Bellevue

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is an American-Italian tradition that is a much larger part of the celebrations of Italian-American families in the Northeast United States than in Italy, where the Christmas Eve tradition has its roots. Originally born out of holiday fasting and the avoidance of eating meat and dairy on Christmas Eve, the Feast of the Seven Fishes is now interwoven into the celebrations of countless Rhode Island families, with good reason. The unique bio-diversity of the Ocean State’s coastal waters affords us, as culinarians, so many reasons to celebrate what it means to live, work, eat, and play in Rhode Island.

Our menu will consist of seven tasting courses and a traditional Italian dessert. Diners can get excited as we chart a course through the seasonal seabed utilizing only sustainable products caught in Rhode Island waters by Rhode Islanders. Courses will be thoughtful, nuanced, and articulate presentations of the fish most immediately available, incorporating culinary traditions spanning the entire landscape of Italy and the American Northeast while also crafted as bespoke pieces unique to One Bellevue.

Through this vision, we are excited to curate a feast and a spectacle to behold that celebrates the cultural and biodiversities of the great Ocean State on Christmas Eve.