A Toast to Newport, One Bellevue.

Hotel Viking is home to the award winning restaurant, One Bellevue. Spear headed by Chef Joe Thomspon, starting in May 2019, One Bellevue has proudly taken on a new look and dining experience.

The renovation of One Bellevue, started in late April 2019 and quickly finished mid-May 2019. One Bellevue is now suited with bold furnishing that are complemented by delicate colors, unexpected touches and architectural details. Focusing on our One Bellevue history, we are determined to tailor each dining experience to make them as iconic and memorable as Hotel Viking.

The vibrant space is paired with an unforgettable dining experience by sourcing local ingredients and show casing them in a way to highlight their natural flavors and features. The new menu features items like corn and lobster chowder, grilled swordfish and seared scallops all sourced from local fisheries and farms.

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