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Global Rituals

The Asian cultures have used healing spices and flowers as traditional remedies for thousands of years. Experience our Global Rituals, utilizing exotic ingredients and techniques as you partake in celebrating their wonderful traditions.

Mai Pai Thai Ritual
Be transported to the exotic kingdom of Thailand with this uplifting body therapy. Includes a traditional Table Thai massage, a tropical body mask and a Thai-style foot massage. To complete your experience, sink into a deep porcelain-soaking tub prepared with flower blossoms.
110 min $250

Javanese Royal Ritual
This royal Indonesian ritual begins with a Balinese massage and continues with a lulur exfoliation and yogurt application. After a refreshing shower, sink into a tub prepared with rose petals. Your ritual concludes with a moisturizing jasmine frangipani lotion to leave the skin hydrated with an exotic floral scent.
110 min $250

Volcanic Earth Clay Ritual
Take part in this ancient rite performed to soften, purify and renew the skin. Includes a detoxifying volcanic clay body mask, a pampering Balinese foot massage, an aromatic shower and traditional Balinese massage.
80 min $185

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Facial Care

Newport Glow
This facial incorporates high doses of Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid and is designed for the treatment of dullness, discoloration, dehydration, blotchiness, wrinkles, and a loss of natural elasticity in skin. You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed and brightened!
50 min $135

Blemish & Age
Designed for any guest with blemishes, this treatment reduces oil and draws out impurities while hydrating and refining the skin for a youthful, bright finish!
50 min $135

Triple Quench Facial & Peel
This treatment will help replenish, restore and maintain lost hydration, and improve the appearance of dehydration lines, rough texture, and radiance, with renewed elasticity and nourishment. Includes a customized peel.
80 min $210

Alpha Male
This treatment designed specifically for men will offer a deep exfoliation followed by the ideal amount of hydration to help restore and refine the skin.
50 min $135

Antioxidant Powerhouse
This facial treatment combines the highest concentration of resveratrol available with clinically proven antioxidant vitamins to help restore skins natural repair potential. An antioxidant powerhouse, this treatment will alleviate dryness and dehydration, help reduce the appearance of redness, promote skin elasticity and radiance, and leave skin looking refreshed and bright.
50 min $165

Dew Drop
This facial calms and soothes compromised skin by reducing the redness, irritation, and inflammation associated with rosacea or problematic skin types.
50 min $135

Drift to Sleep
A personalized OSEA facial using all natural, gluten free, vegan ingredients including hand-harvested Gigartina seaweed from the Patagonian Sea. This treatment combines custom cleansing and a restorative mask with biodynamic Cranial-Facial Therapy. As you breathe in a relaxing rhythm, all face, jaw and neck tensions slip away and a feeling of peace and well-being flows in like the tide. A therapeutic neck, décolleté, shoulder and hand relaxation method will leave you glowing from the inside out! Choose the 80 minute option to experience an Undaria algae back and foot treatment in addition to the full facial.
80 min $190

Sea of Life
This unique treatment targets the face, back and feet areas working to enhance deep relaxation and stress reduction. First we will treat the back with our relaxing body oil to relieve muscle tension. A Vitamin C mask will then be applied. While you relax we will perform a foot and ankle rub and finish with our customized facial to give your skin an instant vibrant glow.
80 min $190

Soothing Sea
If your skin is sensitive, severely dehydrated or prone to rosacea, this OSEA treatment using all natural, gluten free, vegan ingredients including hand-harvested Gigartina seaweed from the Patagonian Sea will give it the extra love that it needs. Specifically designed to calm irritation and replenish lost nutrients, it boosts the skin’s own natural ability to protect itself against harsh external aggressors and environmental assault.
50 min $135

Advanced Facial Care

Microdermabrasion is the most popular and highest volume facial rejuvenation procedure in the world. Effective for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, enlarged pores, and sun-damaged skin, this painless process can significantly diminish the signs of aging.
Face Only $180 / Series of six $900
Face & Neck $205 / Series of six $1,025
Face, Neck & Décolleté $230/ Series of six $1,150

Age Defying Laser Treatment
With one Age-Defying Laser in-spa treatment, you will see a dramatic change in skin texture, hydration levels, and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For advanced results, we recommend a series of 6 treatments, spaced 1-2 weeks apart.
50 min $190 / Series of six $950

Alpha Beta Advanced Peel
This specialty intermediate peel combines alpha and beta hydroxy acids to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, clear acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation.
50 min $190 / Series of six $950

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Massage therapies

Abhyanga Massage
A therapeutic massage which blends traditional Ayurvedic massage with European techniques. Abhyanga literally translates to “oil massage”. This rhythmic and deeply relaxing hot oil massage helps to move the “prana” or life force, which stimulates your body’s vital energy.
50 min $145 / 80 min $195

Mother-to-Be Massage
Share a moment of serenity with your baby. Your massage will ease the discomforts that occur as your body changes. We request that you are past your first trimester of pregnancy, and your physician’s written consent.
50 min $135

Massage Medley
A medley of modalities are designed specifically for you during this customized massage. A combination of techniques and pressures are used to work out tension and muscle aches and promote overall well-being.
50 min $125 / 80 min $180

Table Thai Massage
This ancient, interactive massage combines pressure point techniques with rhythmic stretching movements to promote balance and relaxation. (Loose clothing is worn throughout this treatment.)
80 min $185

Balinese Massage
Be transformed by our signature massage ritual, based on the traditions of Bali. A combination of acupressure, rolling motions and rhythmic strokes relieves tension and promotes total relaxation.
50 min $130 / 80 min $180

Royal Honey Massage
This amazing therapy begins with a relaxing back massage using honey ginger oil. Honey is then applied to the back and a myofascial release upper back massage is performed. Once completed, a honeycomb thermal heat patch is applied to the back as an intense back treatment. Your therapist will then continue with your relaxation massage on the front of the body using warmed honey candle wax.
80 min $180

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
Facilitate muscle recovery with a combination of moderate to deep pressure and passive stretching to relieve soreness resulting from exertion or exercise. Gain an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.
50 min $125 / 80 min $180

Sacred Stone Massage
Surrender to the healing warmth of this ancient massage practice. Heated volcanic river stones penetrate the deeper levels of your muscles to take you to a new dimension of relaxation.
50 min $135 / 80 min $185

Relaxation Massage
A light pressure massage meant to calm the spirit, quiet the mind, and relax the body with a variety of techniques. Great for increasing circulation, improving overall skin tone and soothing tired muscles.
50 min $115 / 80 min $165

Seasonal Renewal Massage
Our Seasonal Renewal massage features bath salts and massage oils scented with pure essential oils, and tailored to your body’s needs for the season. This treatment includes an exfoliating salt scrub, followed by a relaxation massage using the essential oil blend of the season. Select the 80 minute option to include a luxurious soak in our deep in-room tub.
50 min $145 / 80 min $195

*All massage therapies may be enjoyed as a couple’s treatment. Price is per person. Add $10 to reserve the Couple’s Massage room.

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Body Indulgences

Seaside Salt Glow
Uncover smooth, glowing skin with this gentle exfoliation derived from Dead Sea salts and essential oils. Includes a rich lotion application to restore moisture.
50 min $125

Soul to Sole
This treatment begins with our exfoliating Undaria Body Polish to remove dry, dead skin cells. Our luxurious Undaria Algae Oil prepares your body for a clay mask to purify and cleanse. As you are cocooned in our wrap, relax and de-stress with our scalp treatment and Moroccanoil hair mask, followed by a soothing foot massage. This treatment truly lifts your spirits and relaxes your body and soul.
80 min $190

Earl Grey Ritual
Slow down and breathe deeply during this relaxing ritual, including our Teatox back treatment and moisture repair wrap for dry heels. Begin with an exfoliation and detoxifying Earl Grey Masque with activated coconut charcoal on the back. As you relax, your dry heels and tired feet are cared for with Oil Salve and are cocooned to deliver intense moisture. Your treatment ends with a neck, shoulder and scalp relaxation ritual.
50 minutes $130

Milk and Honey Body Wrap
Avert the signs of aging with this naturally hydrating treatment. Includes a gentle, exfoliating sugar scrub, a replenishing body mask and a relaxing tub soak among rose petals.
50 min $130

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Grooming & Glamour

Nail Care

Signature Manicure $45 / Pedicure $65
Spa Manicure $60 / Pedicure $85
Seasonal Specialty Manicure $60 / Pedicure $85
Shellac Manicure $70 / Pedicure $90
Shellac Removal $20
Gentleman’s Manicure $40
French-style Polish $10
Polish Change $20
Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment $20

Facial and Body Depilation

Lip $20
Chin $20
Brow $20
Underarm $25
Half Leg $45
Full Leg starting from $75
Back starting from $75
Bikini starting from $40
Brazilian starting from $75
Eyelash Tint $40
Eyebrow Tint $40

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Day of Bliss
Indulge yourself with this wonderful package. Your day begins with a fifty minute Massage Medley. A unique combination of light and deep pressure is sure to ease all the tension away. The pampering continues with our Milk and Honey Body Wrap. The combination of nature’s ingredients makes an excellent all over body exfoliation while replenishing oils lost from the skin during the cleansing process. Complete your day with our Newport Glow Facial, which provides total relaxation, while rejuvenating your skin with high doses of Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid. Your skin will rediscover softness and a healthy glow!
3 hours $395

The Ultimate Spa Escape
Leave the worries of the world behind with the ultimate gift of relaxation and renewal. Begin with our fifty-minute Balinese massage. The Balinese massage combines a variety of techniques to invigorate the muscles, energize and significantly increase blood circulation. Next, float into our Triple Quench facial. This nourishing treatment will restore lost hydration while improving the appearance of fine lines, and includes a customized peel. Your escape continues with our very special Signature manicure and pedicure.
4 hours $460

Sacred Journey
Take your senses on a voyage with this sacred indulgence. Surrender to the healing warmth of a Sacred Stone massage while you allow heated volcanic rocks to penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles. Then, continue your relaxation with our Drift to Sleep facial, including a rejuvenating back treatment and relaxing foot rub. Finally, treat your hands and feet to a luxurious Spa manicure and pedicure.
4.5 hours $480

Bridal Bliss Package
The perfect way to spend an afternoon celebrating the Bride-to-Be! For parties of 4 or more, each guest may choose one of the following: 50 minute Relaxation Massage, Newport Glow Facial, Milk and Honey Body Wrap, or Signature Manicure and Pedicure. Includes a reserved indoor poolside table, glass of champagne, miniature cupcakes, and a special gift for the bride!
$160 per person

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Simple Pleasures

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
Clear your mind and relax as we rejuvenate your neck, back and shoulder areas.
25 min $75
Complement a facial $45

Treat your feet and lower legs to this rejuvenating massage. Eastern techniques are employed to release locked muscles, improve circulation and clear the mind.
25 min $75
Complement a facial $45

Express Peel Facial
Perk up your skin with this quick mini facial, including customized peel. 
25 min $75

OSEA Eye Treatment
This mineral rich, nutrient dense eye treatment uses a Gigartina seaweed gel ice cube hand-harvested from Patagonia to eliminate puffiness and dark circles, and plump fine lines and wrinkles.
25 min $75
Complement a facial $45

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Add these services to a massage to enhance your Spa Fjör experience.

Sugar Scrub
Renew your skin by adding an exfoliating body scrub prior to any massage.
25 min $75

Spa Fjör Aromatherapy Blends
Used for centuries to improve overall health and relieve tension, our custom essential oil blends can enhance any massage. $10 Invigorating Muscle Balm Ask for this pain-relieving formula to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. The roll-on muscle balm is yours to keep!

Add these services to a facial to enhance your results.

Shining “C”
This Vitamin C hand, neck, and décolleté treatment will target sun damage and signs of aging in these often overlooked areas.

Add these services to a massage, facial or body indulgence to enhance your Spa Fjör experience.

Moroccanoil Revitalizing Scalp Treatment
Your scalp will be expertly refreshed using a Moroccanoil Oil-No-More or Dry-No-More Professional Scalp Treatment, depending on your specific needs. Infused with Moroccanoil’s signature argan oil as well as essential oils, this revitalizing treatment will improve the condition of your scalp and the quality and shine of your hair.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
Nourish your hair and indulge your senses with this hydrating hair mask. Your hair will be reconditioned and brought back to its natural shine and elasticity, leaving your locks lustrous and rejuvenated.

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Prince & Princess Menu

Guests must be 12 years old and under to receive services from the Prince and Princess menu. Guests musts be at least 18 years of age to have a private treatment. Spa services for those 17 and younger are provided at our discretion and a parent or guardian must be present. Our couples room is ideal for children’s massages.

My First Massage
50 min $85

Athletic Massage Medley
50 min $95

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage
25 min $65

Children’s Facial
25 min $70

Twinkle Toes Pedicure
25 min $45

Princess Manicure
25 min $30

The Ultimate Princess for the Day!
This pampered package includes a Neck, Back and Shoulder massage, a Children's Facial, Twinkle Toes Pedicure, and a Princess Manicure.
2 hours $225

Additional Amenities Clearlight Infrared Sauna
30 min $25
Package of 5 sessions $90
Package of 10 sessions $150

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